From a young age I was always in the garden, watching the seasons slowly work their magic through the year. This lead me to work as a gardener and train as a garden designer, which was my job for ten years.

I had never considered floristry until, in 2015, my friend got married. I casually asked her who was doing her flowers, and she replied that I was, because I ‘knew about that stuff’. A stint in a London florists and a City and Guilds later I haven’t looked back and love working with plants in such a creative way, a natural progression from designing spaces.

The Flower Press

I have always loved all things ‘alternative’ and part of this is a fascination with the beauty of pressed and dried flowers, that the essence of the plant can be preserved and kept forever.

I started playing around with different methods of preserving flowers, from traditional hanging and pressing to making my own natural petal confetti. From this the Flower Press was born, a celebration of all things on the wild and quirky side.

Our Style

At the flower press we offer quirky style, pared with rustic and wild arrangements. I like to incorporate dried flowers and alternative materials into my work, to produce arrangements that stand out from the crowd and are individual to you and your needs.

My inspirations are the seasons, the wildness of the landscape, the weather and the unpredictability of it all, something that can’t be tamed, but is beautiful none the less.